Ammar & Jordana / Wedding Santorini

A little bit about Ammar & Jordana…

In September 2012 a wonderful wedding took place on the Aenaon Villas wedding terrace at the top of a steep slope, at the northern part of the island where the land was carved to admire the deep blue of the Aegean Sea, the caldera, the volcano and breathtaking sunsets. Being world travellers and beauty enthusiasts, Ammar and Jordana both decided to travel in Greece and the island of Santorini to celebrate their best day with family and friends. If there are two words to describe our couple it would have to be fun and inspiring (also party, dance, smily, full of love are some other words to describe them).
Thank you Ammar and Jordana for allowing us to partake in your best day and letting us into your close circle of family and friends for captured all those emotional moments.
We hope to enjoy our try.
Wedding Cinematography : Wedfilms Cinematography
Wedding Ceremony :
Wedding Photographer : Vangelis Beltzenitis