Santorini Video // Mai and Jason // Wedding in Greece


Wedding Santorini video

It was a different and rainy day!

On 24 of October last year 2014 Wedfilms travel to Santorini to capture the best day of Mai and Jason.
It was something unique for us because the weather contitions was not the usuall sunshine of Greece.
This makes us more exiting to make a great Santorini video. When we came to the bridal’s hotel the wedding planner Stella and Moscha helps us to find everything perfect, so the day starts…
At the first time we met Mai we realised that she is a person full of happiness and as you can see in video always with a great smile.

Thats helps a lot our work because she was never stressed even when the weather was not so good. And that was a key for a great Santorini video because we always want to capture natural and real emotions background of all.
After we went to the groom room at Aressana hotel also for some shoots. He had the same style with her cool and relax. We capture him to enjoy the swimming pool with friends and family.
After the preparation we went to ceremony and our prayers for a better weather and more good shoots for this Santorini video came true.

Everyone was so happy with this. The time was full of emotions from all the family and friends. Especially when the bride’s father handed Mai to Jason, what a time!!
We must say many thanks to all of the family and friends that helps us with their smile and with their kindness.
After the ceremony we went for some shoots in a beautiful Santorini view. We also had a pleasure working with the photographers, Thanos Asfis and George Pahountis, those two makes our wedding Santorini video more beautiful and gave us very wonderful frames.

The reception took place in Aressana hotel. Everything was so attentive to every detail from a wedding planner who makes a wonderful decoration with many candles on the tables.

Mai and Jason are a couple of young, dynamic full of love and are so clearly adored by all of their friends and family.

It was really a great honor for us to capture their wedding in Santorini.
Please enjoy our Santorini video!!

Filmed by Wedfilms
Wedding planner: Stella and Moscha

1st Photographer: Thankos Asfis

2th Photographer: George Pahountis
Reception: Aressana Hotel

Santorini Video

Santorini video