Santorini Wedding Video // Fiona and John


Do you believe in Destiny? If yes please spent 5 minute to watch this love story.

When you ask someone to describe paradise, the first images that will come to mind is Santorini, the Greek island with such a unique beauty.
We was lucky enough to travel to some pretty idyllic destinations but this place has got to top the list. Huge skies filled with puffy white clouds, whitewashed houses, blue domes and deep so deep blue crystal water of the sea, really amazing!
Fiona and John first contacted us before one year ago to discuss the possibility of filming their wedding in Santorini. They was so gentle and we easly understand that they are totaly in love, so without any other thought we agree with them.
Destination weddings can be incredibly intimate and this was no exception. Fiona and John had their parents all family and friends in attendance (so many emotions from all of them) they gave us such a wonderful frames and we must thank them all for theid kindness.
Fiona is a romantic at heart and from the onset having met her we knew that their wedding story would be driven strongly by voiceovers and a more heartfelt love to each other. The day was started in Cavo Ventus (the sympolic ceremony venue) with the bride’s preparations and with her mother gave all of her love to Fiona.
After this we went to John, a man with a great personality who was always without stress which helps us a lot. When he open Fiona’s gift the emotions were at their top, even our eyes become red when John read the book with Fionas truly words. That’s why we used in this video the soundtrack from the movie “Dear John”.
Than followed the first orthodox ceremony in Oia and after this we went again to Cavo Ventus for the second symbolic ceremony. There the background view was so clear and everyone from the guests enjoyed the beauties of Santorini.
The reception took place at the same venue and when it came time for the speeches it was a time to remember… One of the most emotional moments we ever captured…
I remember Fiona’s father when he close his speech with three words “Live, Love, Laugh”!!

The hospitality we received from all of the staff at Cavo Ventus as well as Fiona and John and their families was just amazing. They really made us feel part of the family.
And also the response we are receiving from this short film piece has been amazing.. with many warm words of feedback.
Destination weddings in Santorini are becoming day by day more and more popular and we feel blessed that so many couples choose to have a wedding video along to capture the whole experience to keep all those memories in time.
Many thanks to Vangelis Beltzenitis, the photographer who gave us such a great frames.
Fiona and John  it was an incredible experience having met, befriended and worked with you, thank you so much!
We write enough… please enjoy, watch, laugh, feel, cry as you wish.

Filmed by Wedfilms
Photographer: Vangelis Beltzenitis
Venue: Cavo Ventus
Located: Santorini island


Love Santorini