Wedding in Santorini // Jose and Cynthia // Dana Villas

“Love is what brings people together, it is what brings a smile on your face no matter what is going on in the world around you,
it stills your heart and takes your breath away in the nicest way.”
A little bit about Jose and Cynthia…
They came in Santorini just for some hours with cruise ship. Cynthia is from New York and Jose from Miami. As soon as we met them,
we were super excited and couldn’t wait to go out there and film their wedding! Jose was trying to help us from every detail,
he brought with him a small statue to capture the rings and some other smaller statues for the decoration table.
Their wedding centred around a bunch of family and friends who were truly elated to see the union of this lovely couple.
Jose and Cynthia had their wedding ceremony and reception in the beautiful and awesome hotel called Dana Villas,
with the most beautiful background with Caldera in the world, in Santorini island. Photographer was Vangelis Beltzenitis who helped us with amazing frames.
Also the planning and the time schedule was so well organized from Michael Gierkovits that everyone enjoyed this.
Well… it is a great pleasure for us to present this wedding film of our newlywed Jose & Cynthia. They are not only such sweet couple, but also very fun and easy going!
Enjoy the beauties of Santorini!!!

Filmed by Wedfilms Cinematography

Photographer: Vangelis Beltzenitis

Ceremony and Reception: Dana Villas

Wedding Planner: Michael Gierkovits