Wedding in Santorini // Sarah Ann & George // Wedding Teaser

Pretty in Lace!

What an emotional day. Last August we traveled in Santorini to
capture the wedding of Sarah and George, a lovely young couple full of
love. They decided to marry in front of the most romantic volcanic
caldera in the world and especially on the date of “Volcanoes” ,it is
the annual representation of the volcano eruption during which large
quantities of fireworks turn the night into day while both families
watch ecstatically. The first meeting was with Nikos Gogas who helped us
to find the bride’s hotel. When we arrived Sarah was waiting us
impatiently! She looked so pretty like an angel!

The wedding took place in Imerovigli a place perched on the edge of
Santorini’s volcanic cliffs one thousand feet above the deep cobalt –
blue bay waters that preciously guard the secrets of the lost city of
Atlantis. Our bride walked down the aisle to the churh with her parents
accompanied by traditional musicians. The ceremony was full of strong
and positive emotions, not only because of the extraordinary young
couple, but also because of the lovely families, the touching and
thoughtful reading of best man.

The wedding party took place at Rocabella whitch is a luxurious hotel with amazing view.

While they were having fun a surprise was waiting them, a Pontius
musician appeared and everyone started to dance at his rythms. Finally
it was an unexpected day, that everyone have to remember with that
lovely couple. Thank you Sarah and George that you gave us the
opportunity to capture the most beautiful moment of your life.

Enjoy it!!!

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